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Let's talk about death. And grief. We all experience it, or will experience it, and I'm here to help make that process a little easier.We all deserve dignity, agency, and kindness during life and during death. My work is grounded in uplifting this for all people.I'm a grief and death midwife in the DC area. As a queer Jewish person, my services are for my communities and any folks looking for someone to go through their grief or death journey through a lens that is human-centered, anti-oppressive, and intersectional.

Trained by Thoughtful Transitions

I was trained by Dr. Jame in her program that is "Committed to challenging death-dealing systems, dismantling harmful ideologies, and cultivating healing through empathetic engagement, education, advocacy, activism and direct service."Learn more about Thoughtful Transitions here.

Member of NEDA and INELDA

I'm a member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance and the International End-of-Life Doula Association. These organizations support doulas in sharing resources, networking, and keeping our skills in grief and death care work up to date.

Queer, Jewish, Community-focused

As a queer Jewish person, my focus is with people who share these identities, but not limited to these identities. These traits inform my work and the perspective with which I engage.I am currently building a Chevre Kaddisha, or group of people who carry out bereavement, mourning, and death rituals, with my synagogue.

Sliding scALE

I accept payment for this work on a sliding scale based on the Green Bottle Framework. Reach out to me to find out more, especially if you're unsure of where you land.

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